Laser surgery for knee and hip affections is an innovating method that represents one of the most important breakthroughs regarding the correction and/or elimination of pain-causing agents. Without general anesthesia or hospitalization, meaning the patient is free to return home the same day of the intervention, the Holmium-Yag laser allows for greater incision accuracy, decreases procedure duration and possible bleeding. It is not only possible to cure knee and hip affections, but also spinal disc herniations in which we currently count with the experience of more than six thousand cases, with it being a method that has its origins in spinal cord treatment but has branched out to include those of knee and hip. The majority of possible procedures which are described and explained in this web site are: reparation of anterior and/or posterior cruciate ligament, meniscus arthroscopy with Holmium-Yag laser, meniscus suture, cartilage reparation, femoral-patellar ligament reparation, synovectomy, knee athrolysis, and osteosyntheis for tibial plateau fractures.

My Knee Practice book

Read the chapter « PROTHESE UNICOMPARTIMENTALE » in the book My Knee Practice of Prof Philippe NEYRET Hospital chief restorative and reconstructive surgery of the knee. éd. MASSON.2007 written by Dr. Alain Daher

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